Riah is the protagonist of this life-changing story. Being one-half werewolf, it is assumed that makes Riah 1/4 wolf. Thus, one can determine that one of Riah's ancestors actually fucked a wolf for the LOLs and ended up having a baby. Unable to get an abortion, this ancestor went on to have a horribly messed up baby mutant. This baby mutant would then go on to create our beloved main protagonist. Riah's inner demon or "meister" is known as Pox and continuously tries to take control of Riah. To prevent this, Riah is required to wear a choke collar. Riah obviously has a fetish for some BDSM shit, the collar is only to contain Riah's Tier 3 Meister. The story is currently in "early access" and this is all that is known of Riah at the moment. (Seen on this page is an artist's rendition of what Riah could look like.)